Signs of Phryll Production

On July, 23rd 2023 , while experimenting w/ the Vogel Crystal accurately placed in the completed bobbin, I found a sweet spot when I synchronized the pulses both at 0 degrees phase to create “Repulsion” and subsequent Bloch Electron Gas production at ~ 38.89 vdc that started oscillating and absorbed 33 milligauss of electromagnetic energy, I hypothesized that this is where Phryll was produced with 33 milligauss of missing electromagnetic energy ( I also removed the Vogel Crystal and the 33 milligauss of energy re appeared) – to actually detect Phryll, being that it may be a virtual particle that lasts only for a micro second, an experiment set up in a vacuum w/ a camera, w/ very fast shutter speed that can photograph on the atomic scale would be needed like the SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) conversion that now makes the accelerator a sub atomic camera.

Yet to measure Phryll, the electromagnetic absorption could be inversely correlated to measure Phryll gain . This would allow a relatively inexpensive Tri Field Meter to be converted to a “Quad Field Meter” by adding an inverse milligauss scale and measure Phryll production in Inverse milligauss .